“When I was a young child my parents taught me how to pray, and encouraged me to pray whatever was on my heart.  I quickly developed a litany that ended every dinner-table and bedtime prayer with:

‘And may all the sick people get better.

May all the poor people have food.

May my cousin Tim become a Christian.

And may we get a baby sister.’

In 1992, after more than a decade of praying this every single day, God answer both of those last two prayers when my sister Stephanie was born (she developed this website!) and my cousin Tim came to the Lord.  I was 14, and God solidified in me the firm faith that He answers prayer, and is more than willing to do the miraculous.  But my heart was continually drawn to Africa and the plight of the people there, so I continued to pray those first two prayers.

When I got older, I realized that I would not be able to help all the sick people to get better or all the poor people to have food, but I could certainly do my part.  Harvest Water Africa is part of the realization of my life-long prayers.

Through continued prayer and the generosity of our partners, we are seeing to it that the famine-stricken regions of East Africa are getting food, clean water, and sanitation.  One village at a time, the sick are getting better and the poor are growing food and drawing water from their own wells.

God answers prayer, and He often uses us to be a part of that answer.”

Nate is a graduate of St. Olaf College (BA in Pre-Med, Ancient Studies, Religion) and The Master’s Institute Seminary (MDiv). He is a rostered ordained Pastor with the LCMC and a member of the ARC and IMF.