Dauson on Busoga farms with students

Busoga Farm + School + Church

Most locals do not believe farming can flourish until they visit Busoga Farm and school.

Busoga Farms was created by Pastor Dauson to provide food for his growing local Ugandan christian school, Kingdom Life. This is the 2nd biggest school in the region with nearly 500 students. 280 of these students are girls and 292 are Muslims. This is right where we want our impact! We are currently working on purchasing new property for the school, because our current facility is only equipped for 300 students. (A great problem to have!)

  • Students receive 1-2 free meals every day. No other school in Uganda can do this. 
  • The school provides protection for young girls living within a Muslim community. In school, they are far less likely to be sexually assaulted, or married off to be a 3rd or 4th wife at the age of 13. (Common practice.)
  • No student is turned away because of finances.

Refugee Aid + Local Employment

The farm’s reach has far surpassed just the school. Pastor Dauson trains locals, and local churches to farm, set up irrigation, and how to use mulch to water  plants. He also sells the food to locals from miles around at an extremely affordable cost.

This 50 acre farm employs 25+ families locally.

Dauson preaching the gospel at Busoga FarmsMany of these employees end up going to Dawson’s church and in time, meeting Jesus. Many are also refugees from South Sudan, only 200 miles away. These are a hurting people, primarily Muslim, seeking refuge, but entering a land in famine. Busoga Farm makes this location an oasis.

Busoga Farm Output

  • Fish
  • Livestock
  • Rice
  • Bananas
  • Pineapples
  • Pumpkins
  • Honey

Harvest Water’s Next Steps:

  • Teach every church in the 10 Busoga State counties to plant and farm bananas – View Farm Training Project
    • 30 churches have already attended the first training session this July in the first county!
  • Purchase new property for the expanding school
  • Install an irrigation system for the recent farm expansion
  • Create a sustainable fish farm


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