African women and children at a flowing wellWe were astonished as Diane Brask’s story of her encounter in Gulu, Uganda hit our ears.

I saw a skeletal woman lying on the side of the road. I asked her if I could bring her to the hospital, she replied, “No, I just came from the hospital, they had no water, and sent me away.”

The hospital in Gulu, with over 500 beds, was out of fresh water. For hospitals, no water means no care.

We know something had to be done, such a simple solution could save so many lives. This project’s success is what propelled us into knowing, God was calling us to do more.

In just 4 weeks from hearing Diane’s story, we partnered with other ministry leaders and were able to dig the hospital’s wells deep enough to withstand drought and provide cleaner water.

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What makes us different?

Because of our specific mission, we do not have to support a large network of staff or rent an office in America. Low overhead means the vast majority of funds we raise goes directly into our projects.

We are small, and don’t have to make the political decisions larger companies must.