Gulu Hospital Well

Well with water at Gulu Hospital in africa“Believers see something, and they don’t walk away.”

Drought reached Gulu Referral Hospital in Uganda and their reservoir ran dry. The hospital has over 500 beds and cares for 1200-1500 people per day. Electricity only functions 30% of the time, causing their two electric wells to not pump enough water to run the hospital. This includes drinking water. Water was being trucked in, and they were forced to turn away patients, because they could not care for them. In a country where 26,000 children die annually from water-born illnesses, this is incredibly devastating.

A Hospital without Water Cannot:

  • quench thirst
  • clean hospital linens
  • clean surgical instruments
  • clean patients after procedures
  • cook meals for patients or visitors

Diane Brask shared about this dire need she saw in Gulu, and we knew something needed to be done

In just 4 weeks, drilling two 100 ft. wells began. A rain collection system that holds 2,500 gallons of water was also installed to help collect and utilize water from the rainy season. The project was finished September 2017, leaving the Gulu hospital staff crying with tears of joy at their abundant, reliable supply of water.

Impact: Water for 50,000 Locals and Refugees Annually

With transformations like the Gulu hospital, we knew we had tangible ways to continue transforming communities cultivate sustainable resources for Uganda.

Next Steps for Gulu:well with water outside gulu hospital

  1. Two More Wells
  2. Water Filtration System – The hospital is currently boiling all water before use.
  3. Solar powered wells so they do not have to rely on electricity
  4. Build a labor center for mothers giving birth – They currently labor outside in the dirt.

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